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Kamala Harris is finally the worlds first lady Black Vice President. We give a huge congratulations for we have been looking forward to the first President or first Vice President being a woman or Black, and we finally have hit to birds with one stone! Kamala Harris is both and what a glorious realization. Miley Cyrus was courageous enough to give Kamala Harris her platform in order to encourage people to vote. We also want to thank Miley Cyrus for sharing her platform so generously because it sure made a whole nation of people tune in! It’s amazing the work that musicians or influencers can put in to make sure the nation we live in makes the right choices. Many people follow these big musicians and influencers, and not only that but they look up to these celebrities and want to be just like them. So it’s very important that we keep a close eye on their morals.

Thank you Miley Cyrus and Kamala Harris for spreading voting awareness to be sure that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 Election.

Watch below in case you missed the important dialogue between our famous artist and famous Vice President.


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There have been some crazy leaps on the Billboard charts this week and we’re here to notice those leaps! Do you check the charts often? We check the Billboard charts to discover new artists, hear new songs that we’ve never heard before, and just overall discover NEWNESS. The only thing that concerns us, is the fact that we don’t always see many newbies; but you don’t get famous overnight, these artists may have been working for years before showing up in our space. If you believe you will get famous over night, you can. We won’t take that dream away from you because you can!

As you know, Positions by Ariana Grande JUST released and she’s already number one on the Billboard 200 charts! She’s been on the charts for two weeks, so basically the whole duration of her release. Looks like she had an exception on her early record sales?

It’s been quite overwhelming most of the rap news, so we will be skipping over that; but it’s quite odd to find three rappers that have passed on to be at the top of the charts. It is necessary for us to learn to recognize people while they are still with us.

NAV soars in at number six though! Looks as though he has a grand and new rising to the Billboard charts as under the number six it says “NEW.” He’s only been on the charts for one week! It’s outstanding the work artists can put in and how it’s totally up to us as fans to love their work or not. We choose what we want to receive and from which artist. It seems as though we have really received NAV’s new song “Emergency Tsunami” to a maximum for him to jump up the charts like this.

Hamilton, Taylor Swift, and Lil Baby are sitting at the end of the top ten on the top 200. We’re sure Taylor Swift will creep her way up to number one and knock Ariana Grande to two. We actually believe this will continuously happen until the year is over, their albums were just too good.


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It’s the middle of the month and it’s been a super intriguing month! Many celebrities have released new music, forced themselves in our face with press, put new meals on the market and so much more that makes sure we as a people don’t forget about them. Well, we haven’t forgotten either so we have so many more stories unfolding here for the rest of the month and into the holidays.

How are you enjoying The Scopes™? We’re looking forward to the announcement of The Scopes™ Social Club! Our Social Club is a special way to stay connected and receive celebrity face time.


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It’s a serious question that we would love to know, considering many of us do not eat at McDonald’s in the first place. As people are unable to even get a dollar for school, the McDonalds brand has seriously taken celebrity branding out of our control and we have to either suffer or be happy with their choice. Being happy is best, just don’t buy into the hype.

Has J Balvin copied off of Travis Scott? Is the shine unreal? Is this an agenda to make America suffer?


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We weren’t expecting folk, but, of course by the title, we should have expected it! Apparently, despite the pandemic, Taylor Swift passed a great amount of album sales meaning she must have truly touched our hearts with her new instrumentations.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift singing Folk music?

We remember “Teardrops On My Guitar” like it was yesterday! The Pop Taylor Swift seems to feel much different than the Folk Taylor Swift. What is your take on it? Let us know after you watch some of the videos from her new album!


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Ariana Grande has released one of the best projects of 2020 with her smooth R&B vibes. Positions features some of the dopest smooth R&Bist of the century: Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Ty Dolla $ign. Do these names ring a bell? They totally ring a bell to us and we’re always on the lookout for new music from these stars anyway.

Have you seen the video to Positions yet?


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As we start this new week off in November, we’ve noticed there has been a total influx of new music from our stars! Looks like they haven’t forgotten about their audiences. All the way from Saweetie, Jhené Aiko, Sanía Iman Big Sean, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Future and MORE!

Where have our lady celebs been? Do you know?

We have The Scopes™ here so always stay tuned and let us know, what do you think of the songs below from our fame infused celebrities?

According to Big Sean, he will be laying across the couch and zenning the f*** out! ZTFO is the newest abbreviation of our time and may now be used more in society. It’s always a good sign when our big stars promote mindfulness to their large platforms, the influence is outstanding.

Even though there’s a whole pandemic going on, that doesn’t stop how Jhené Aiko feels about this Summer 2020. Her recent Chilombo album followed by Chilombo deluxe did numbers in our Scopes™ and we’re always looking for new smooth sounds from Jhené Aiko.

Sanía Iman is looking for the world to become the Conscious Species we are evolving into. Have you experienced your Awakening?

If you experienced Awakening and he didn’t, take him back to the streets as Saweetie mentions in her Ferngully spin off with Jhené Aiko.

Kanye West and Travis Scott are coming out of these streets and want you to be prepared to get rained on, by the Holy Spirit. They’ve been washed in the Blood and now we will too.

21 Savage and Metro Boomin? Back with a new COLLAB album that we heard is pretty old school but different, what do you think?

Future has also been collecting those collab checks by presenting himself in many new music videos and new stars that we haven’t even heard of yet!


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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian seem to be going through some very interesting times. About a month ago, it seemed their relationship was on the fence, but after a romantic night out, it looks as though they patched things up and have gone on to continue representing the American dream family that we look up to. The West-Kardashian children, North, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint have decided, along with their parents, to dress up as spiders for the 2020 Halloween. Due to the election, we’re surprised anyone even remembered this holiday!

Check out their spider costumes below along with the haunted house!

How does the fascinating couple look in their spider-tumes? Super cute backstory as to why they’re even dressed up as spiders in the first place! In case you didn’t know, Kim Kardashian was actually terrified of spiders, until her daughter North helped her get over her fear.

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