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December 12, 2020 / 1min read / No Comments

With cases rising on a daily basis, some of our favorite celebrities couldn’t stand to just stay indoors with their housemates and call it a holiday. While more of our favorite celebrities spread awareness due to Thanksgiving and only celebrated with whom they live with, this made it easy to spot the ones that took gathering way too far.

From Rita Ora to Cardi B, so many celebrities faced backlash for genuinely disobeying the laws now and gathering with family members no matter what. Do you think this is disrespectful? Did you break the rules and gather with all of your families this year? In an age that’s trying hard to break traditions, it’s obvious in some families traditions can’t be forgotten and have to be upheld. Well, think twice because this year has been the most change we’ve ever seen and it’s in our best interest as human Beings to stay safe and adhere to the laws.

Even though Cardi B and Kendall Jenner made sure everyone at their gatherings were tested before entering, it’s not like it matters too much to fans who expect better or simply assumed they were decent human Beings here to follow the laws like everybody else.

This article explains more of the wrongdoings of some of our favorite influencers.


December 9, 2020 / 1 — 2min read / No Comments

Looks as though The Meatballs have been sued by The Meatball Shop. How could the original meatballs get sued by bigger meatballs? Apparently, Snooki and Deena have been brewing a meatball show for us as a people. Would you enjoy that? Remember Snooki & Jwow? We do too.

This shop just started here on Instagram only on August 19th and continues to sell as of a week ago, when The Meatball Shop sued our precious meatballs. All they want to do is enjoy themselves in this life!

From the sounds of the case, Snooki and Deena infringed upon the trademark of The Meatball Shop on their merchandise. As we all know, especially if we are Jersey Shore fans (ARE YOU?) these meatballs have been calling themselves this practically since they met. One thing we may not have known about them, is that after their Jersey Shore debuts they went on to do something more meaningful in life and actually take part in the world of fashion. While Snooki has started her own family with Jionni LaVelle, parents to three beautiful children, along with Deena who has just welcomed her first born in January 2019 with her husband Christopher John. Let’s trust these men don’t let their children get too out of control since they’ve made families with our famous meatballs.

Deena is the proud owner of Mommy and Me while Snooki is the proud owner of The Snooki Shop. Until now they have never been sued for stealing a trademark of another company, these ladies know better.


December 1, 2020 / 1min read / No Comments

Well, word at The Scope™ includes Rihanna and ASAP Rocky officially and finally dating! We honestly can’t believe it but can at the same time, there has been more than enough Internet access to this couples dating lives.

After being spotted and barely recognizable at a New York City pizza joint, the paparazzi still managed to snap the couples photos even though they were as bundled up as can be including their masks, hoods, and coats. We’re very excited for Rihanna to spread her wings back into the dating world, especially after her breakup with three year partner Saudi Hassan Jameel. Even though she hasn’t been in the dating world for long, her longtime friend ASAP Rocky is definitely her husband material.

In the happiness and bliss of Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s relationship, someone isn’t feeling so happy and blissful. That would be Lil Uzi Hurt. Lil
Uzi didn’t seem fascinated by this news.

Lil Uzi Vert actually unfollowed Rihanna upon hearing the news, she was the only person he followed.

Do you feel the chemistry between the two stars?


November 24, 2020 / 1min read / No Comments

Do you own any Apple products? More specifically, do you own an Apple TV? It just got better, Apple Music TV now exists! Watching music videos non stop has never been easier, or created really.

Apple Music TV is a free curated selection of music videos 24/7 for your entertainment, just like good old MTV. We’re super excited at Industry Scope™ to be able to witness Apple Music achieve this in our history. It’s pretty cool to create a constant stream of music videos to support the already famous artists.


November 15, 2020 / 1min read / No Comments

It’s a serious question that we would love to know, considering many of us do not eat at McDonald’s in the first place. As people are unable to even get a dollar for school, the McDonalds brand has seriously taken celebrity branding out of our control and we have to either suffer or be happy with their choice. Being happy is best, just don’t buy into the hype.

Has J Balvin copied off of Travis Scott? Is the shine unreal? Is this an agenda to make America suffer?


November 12, 2020 / 1min read / No Comments

We weren’t expecting folk, but, of course by the title, we should have expected it! Apparently, despite the pandemic, Taylor Swift passed a great amount of album sales meaning she must have truly touched our hearts with her new instrumentations.

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift singing Folk music?

We remember “Teardrops On My Guitar” like it was yesterday! The Pop Taylor Swift seems to feel much different than the Folk Taylor Swift. What is your take on it? Let us know after you watch some of the videos from her new album!

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