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Well, word at The Scope™ includes Rihanna and ASAP Rocky officially and finally dating! We honestly can’t believe it but can at the same time, there has been more than enough Internet access to this couples dating lives.

After being spotted and barely recognizable at a New York City pizza joint, the paparazzi still managed to snap the couples photos even though they were as bundled up as can be including their masks, hoods, and coats. We’re very excited for Rihanna to spread her wings back into the dating world, especially after her breakup with three year partner Saudi Hassan Jameel. Even though she hasn’t been in the dating world for long, her longtime friend ASAP Rocky is definitely her husband material.

In the happiness and bliss of Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s relationship, someone isn’t feeling so happy and blissful. That would be Lil Uzi Hurt. Lil
Uzi didn’t seem fascinated by this news.

Lil Uzi Vert actually unfollowed Rihanna upon hearing the news, she was the only person he followed.

Do you feel the chemistry between the two stars?



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