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November 2, 2020 / 2 — 3min read / No Comments

Paris Hilton recently leaked her whole entire Life story and why she is the way she is. Let’s dig a bit deeper, shall we?

On a huge mission to restore and comfort plus heal her teenage self, Paris Hilton shared her story with us on YouTube in a very authentic documentary. As she introduced us to her childhood, adulthood, family, passions, Life, Purpose, and everything else Paris Hilton, she probably made an inspiring difference in many peoples worlds. While we may not have known this information, or have known this information, let’s just remember in our own unique way how we know Paris Hilton. Whether it be the Hilton Hotels, her DJing career, influencer, model, singer, actress, businesswoman or media personality. We love Paris Hilton no matter what right. Sex tape or no sex tape … but since we appreciate women so much over here, Paris shared some insight on her Life that we sure would never guess. Sexual child abuse.

Apparently our socialite was put in a dangerous and harmful situation as a young girl that could have dragged herself away from herself as well as her audience. If she let what she went through get to her, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

One moment we could totally appreciate about this situation, which we’re sure Paris did too because in a recent get together with many survivors she mentioned the part of the experience she can remember most in a positive light. This was the fact that she would continue focusing on her future, continue dreaming and thinking up what she would do when she got out of this situation, and how she would take care of what she was going through as a young girl as an adult.

In recent news, Paris Hilton has been beating Canyon Provo School for what they did to her and others. Now, she is marching and protesting with survivors from other schools as this sexual child abuse is still taking place all across the globe. It is believed this is the reason Paris produced her documentary, and if so; thank you Paris for following your guidance and making sure your voice among others is heard.

Paris Hilton rally in protest to SHUT DOWN PROVO

The crazy thing is that Paris Hilton told her mother, Kathy Hilton, on camera. Literally, on camera and Kathy Hilton had never heard this information before. Since Kathy was in so much shock, it was apparent hat she was a bit vocally paralyzed when this subject came up on camera, in the public, in the open. After this time, Kathy did apologize to her daughter personally.

Paris Hilton explains how her Mom apologized to her offset.

Everyone has a story, and no matter who you are, share it. Overcome and share. Your story is needed, and your Purpose in Life is needed. Paris Hilton, YOU ARE the hero in Industry Scopes™ book, thank you again.

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