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November 1, 2020 / 1min read / No Comments

This new decade has created a new normal while also throwing oddballs at us in the process, but we have been shining this whole year despite this pandemic!

We have been taken for a curveball, and the best we can do at Industry Scope™ is check in with how safe our artists are really being during this time. There have still been some crazy updates every which where like the world was never even shut down in the first place. Could this be why our pandemic is still going? Because we all won’t simply care for one another and stay home at one time?

Hhhhhmmmm ….

Thank you though, for stopping by Industry Scope. Our missions is to bring you the hottest celebrity news that sticks and makes your day as well as alerts you on the sincere shadiness in the business. It’s cruel out here, and these celebs are CRAZY! And what, all we do is catch their updates, so stay tuned to catch them more.

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