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November 6, 2020 / 1min read / No Comments

Adele has been around for years and years and years, and we haven’t seen her this beautiful, physically enduring, or sexy! Besides the amazing weight loss journey that Adele has been on, she also showed off her hot bod and received backlash for dressing in a Jamaican flag bikini top and wearing bantu knots. Do you think she deserved this backlash?

Adele was spotted at the Notting Hill Carnival that has been taking place in
England since 1966. This Carnival is an annual event that takes place on the streets of the Notting Hill area of Kensington that happens every August over two days. Taking a look at the photos is obvious enough to see that everybody dresses up to support Caribbean culture during this time, so it is no wrong that Adele was celebrating. Perhaps, she may have looked 10 times less racist in braids, but all we ask is next time Adele, please let a trustworthy Black person pick your attire.

After receiving some background about the festival, what do you think Adele would have been better off wearing? Maybe posting a photo on Instagram was the wrong idea!

We want to thank ACCESS for sharing this video and giving us The Scope™ on Adele.

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