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December 12, 2020 / 1min read / No Comments

With cases rising on a daily basis, some of our favorite celebrities couldn’t stand to just stay indoors with their housemates and call it a holiday. While more of our favorite celebrities spread awareness due to Thanksgiving and only celebrated with whom they live with, this made it easy to spot the ones that took gathering way too far.

From Rita Ora to Cardi B, so many celebrities faced backlash for genuinely disobeying the laws now and gathering with family members no matter what. Do you think this is disrespectful? Did you break the rules and gather with all of your families this year? In an age that’s trying hard to break traditions, it’s obvious in some families traditions can’t be forgotten and have to be upheld. Well, think twice because this year has been the most change we’ve ever seen and it’s in our best interest as human Beings to stay safe and adhere to the laws.

Even though Cardi B and Kendall Jenner made sure everyone at their gatherings were tested before entering, it’s not like it matters too much to fans who expect better or simply assumed they were decent human Beings here to follow the laws like everybody else.

This article explains more of the wrongdoings of some of our favorite influencers.


November 7, 2020 / 1min read / No Comments

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian seem to be going through some very interesting times. About a month ago, it seemed their relationship was on the fence, but after a romantic night out, it looks as though they patched things up and have gone on to continue representing the American dream family that we look up to. The West-Kardashian children, North, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint have decided, along with their parents, to dress up as spiders for the 2020 Halloween. Due to the election, we’re surprised anyone even remembered this holiday!

Check out their spider costumes below along with the haunted house!

How does the fascinating couple look in their spider-tumes? Super cute backstory as to why they’re even dressed up as spiders in the first place! In case you didn’t know, Kim Kardashian was actually terrified of spiders, until her daughter North helped her get over her fear.

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