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December 12, 2020 / 1min read / No Comments

With cases rising on a daily basis, some of our favorite celebrities couldn’t stand to just stay indoors with their housemates and call it a holiday. While more of our favorite celebrities spread awareness due to Thanksgiving and only celebrated with whom they live with, this made it easy to spot the ones that took gathering way too far.

From Rita Ora to Cardi B, so many celebrities faced backlash for genuinely disobeying the laws now and gathering with family members no matter what. Do you think this is disrespectful? Did you break the rules and gather with all of your families this year? In an age that’s trying hard to break traditions, it’s obvious in some families traditions can’t be forgotten and have to be upheld. Well, think twice because this year has been the most change we’ve ever seen and it’s in our best interest as human Beings to stay safe and adhere to the laws.

Even though Cardi B and Kendall Jenner made sure everyone at their gatherings were tested before entering, it’s not like it matters too much to fans who expect better or simply assumed they were decent human Beings here to follow the laws like everybody else.

This article explains more of the wrongdoings of some of our favorite influencers.


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The Weeknd – donated $200,000 to Black Lives Matter Global Network and donated $100,000 to National Bail Out along with donating $200,000 to Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp.

Machine Gun Kelly


Gigi Hadid

Bella Hadid – donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund


Keke Palmer

You can check Keke Palmer’s recent Instagram thoughts here.

Cole Sprouse

Beyoncé – donated $1,000,000 to small Black businesses

Billie Eilish

Taylor Swift

Adam Lambert

Jennifer Lopez

Kanye West – donated $2,000,000 to families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, as well as set up a college fund for George Floyd’s daughter Gianna.

Drake – donated $100,000 to National Bail Out

Chrissy Teigen – donated $200,000 to bail out protestors

Natalie Portman – donated to Defund the Police

You can see Natalie Portman speak out on Instagram here.

Jordan Peele – donated $1,000,000 million

Michael Jordan – donated $100,000,000 million

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