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December 9, 2020 / 1 — 2min read / No Comments

Looks as though The Meatballs have been sued by The Meatball Shop. How could the original meatballs get sued by bigger meatballs? Apparently, Snooki and Deena have been brewing a meatball show for us as a people. Would you enjoy that? Remember Snooki & Jwow? We do too.

This shop just started here on Instagram only on August 19th and continues to sell as of a week ago, when The Meatball Shop sued our precious meatballs. All they want to do is enjoy themselves in this life!

From the sounds of the case, Snooki and Deena infringed upon the trademark of The Meatball Shop on their merchandise. As we all know, especially if we are Jersey Shore fans (ARE YOU?) these meatballs have been calling themselves this practically since they met. One thing we may not have known about them, is that after their Jersey Shore debuts they went on to do something more meaningful in life and actually take part in the world of fashion. While Snooki has started her own family with Jionni LaVelle, parents to three beautiful children, along with Deena who has just welcomed her first born in January 2019 with her husband Christopher John. Let’s trust these men don’t let their children get too out of control since they’ve made families with our famous meatballs.

Deena is the proud owner of Mommy and Me while Snooki is the proud owner of The Snooki Shop. Until now they have never been sued for stealing a trademark of another company, these ladies know better.

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