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November 8, 2020 / 2min read / No Comments

As we start this new week off in November, we’ve noticed there has been a total influx of new music from our stars! Looks like they haven’t forgotten about their audiences. All the way from Saweetie, Jhené Aiko, Sanía Iman Big Sean, 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Future and MORE!

Where have our lady celebs been? Do you know?

We have The Scopes™ here so always stay tuned and let us know, what do you think of the songs below from our fame infused celebrities?

According to Big Sean, he will be laying across the couch and zenning the f*** out! ZTFO is the newest abbreviation of our time and may now be used more in society. It’s always a good sign when our big stars promote mindfulness to their large platforms, the influence is outstanding.

Even though there’s a whole pandemic going on, that doesn’t stop how Jhené Aiko feels about this Summer 2020. Her recent Chilombo album followed by Chilombo deluxe did numbers in our Scopes™ and we’re always looking for new smooth sounds from Jhené Aiko.

Sanía Iman is looking for the world to become the Conscious Species we are evolving into. Have you experienced your Awakening?

If you experienced Awakening and he didn’t, take him back to the streets as Saweetie mentions in her Ferngully spin off with Jhené Aiko.

Kanye West and Travis Scott are coming out of these streets and want you to be prepared to get rained on, by the Holy Spirit. They’ve been washed in the Blood and now we will too.

21 Savage and Metro Boomin? Back with a new COLLAB album that we heard is pretty old school but different, what do you think?

Future has also been collecting those collab checks by presenting himself in many new music videos and new stars that we haven’t even heard of yet!

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